The Enterprise Legal Management platform evolves legal structures processes in large organizations

1.500 Users in large Italian public and private organizations

Management of out-of-court and judicial disputes.
Organization and simplification of consulting and legal services.
A verticalized platform for each type of legal action, including debt collection: advanced management of Legal Risk and of the related provisions; complete reporting of economic data such as management costs, collections, payments, fees and invoices.

The legal agenda which simplifies Corporate Lawyers’ activity

An always up-to-date agenda, giving a complete overview on tasks and hearings. Available on all devices and completely integrated with Microsoft Outlook. An advanced notification system supports the user in the execution of assigned activities.

Direct and fast access to knowledge

The advanced search engine, based on innovative Machine Learning technologies, optimizes access to knowledge, enabling an immediate information recovery, including scanned documents. The customization of filtering parameters enables the most sophisticated search queries on judicial precedents, with a user-friendly and instant search experience, even if facing huge amounts of complex data.

Over 1 million managed files

A business intelligence platform supporting strategic decision-making within the organization’s Legal Affair Department, which gives the opportunity of a complete monitoring of ongoing activities. Dynamic data extraction enables customized reports based on the organization’s needs. Analysis on economic data provides forecasts on Legal Risk Management funds and on the risk of losing the case.

Telematic process for digital transformation

Teleforum FOR is integrated with the Civil Telematic Process and the Administrative Telematic Process; this significantly streamlines the lodging of documents, avoiding further information lodging and reducing likelihood of error. Formal verifications are performed prior to information sending. Files are constantly updated with information sourced by the Ministry of Justice.

Teleforum Drive

The most important documents are always synchronized and updated with your own Notebook. Teleforum Drive gives you the opportunity to carry on relevant activities even if you are offline, ensuring information sharing, security and control.

Security & Privacy by Design

Teleforum is designed according to the OWASP safety guidelines and in compliance with the GDPR regulation. The Teleforum SaaS cloud service is provided in compliance with all the infrastructure and organizational security criteria as outlined in the self-assessment questionnaire published on the  Cloud Security Alliance STAR register.

For further info, please download the Datasheet